It’s All About: Le Creuset


Not long ago, a friend put a status update on Facebook saying that she was giving away her full collection of “brand new Le Creuset pots for a charitable donation- first come first serve”. I just missed out on it and have honestly been beating myself up over that defeat ever since. The collection of casserole dishes and frying pans went for something around the £50 mark in total and anyone in the know, will find this as agonising as I did.

I have since decided to start, very slowly, building my own collection (a lengthy hobby as of course, they do tend to carry a pretty heavy price tag). It is actually quite phenomenal that as a 25 year-old woman, I am more excited about a pan than a handbag or pair of shoes but when I see the array of colors, shapes and sizes, I can’t help but want them for my own.

I am currently proud owner of two beautiful heart shaped dishes as well as a baby blue, stoneware pie dish. I can confirm that cooking is definitely more enjoyable in these beauties, with their sturdy, heavy form and versatility.

While browsing for stew recipes to try out in my new cast iron Christmas present, I came across this stunning one for Daube Provençale (French Beef Stew with Red Wine) on a food blog called ‘Katie At The Kitchen Door’ (see here). The original recipe is in fact from Yvette Van Boven‘s book ‘Home Made Winter’, but the blog’s adaptation using oranges, instead of grapefruit, seemed more appealing to me and the results were delicious.

This is the sort of recipe made for a Le Creuset pan and I highly recommend giving it a go! Paired with a big glass of full bodied Merlot, it will absolutely warm your cockles on a cold winter evening.


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