Back To The Beginning

As a child my favourite thing to do was to play with a ‘Fisher-Price’ toy kitchen. Usually messing around with flour and water… sometimes taking things outside to go wild with herbs, flowers and mud! I loved make believe and went on to love the real thing…

In January 2006 (my ‘Gap Year’), I went to the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine for a month long, intensive cookery course. Set on the grounds of the beautiful Newliston House, I began to learn a new set of skills…

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 14.14.24

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 14.14.09

It was amazing to have a structure outside of the usual desk & whiteboard scenario and Edinburgh has always been a second home to me, with all of my family living there. I was in my element. We worked through a number of menu’s as I was introduced to words like roux, mirepoix and blanche as well as sampling new dishes; Carpaccio of Pigeon and Rabbit Stew! Some evenings we would learn silver service and wait tables for corporate cookery dinners they ran. All in all, the whole experience charmed me.

Leaving this bonnie place was hard but I was filled with passion and excitement at the thought of finally being a ‘grown up’ and cooking for myself, family and friends. The course provided me with the essential cookery tools (palette of Victorinox knives, pastry cutters, measure equiptment, the list goes on) as well as seeds of knowledge and off I went into the world.

The problem was, I was distracted by a desire spawned at School, to explore the Arts and spent the next few years travelling around the place acting in plays and short films (with a sofa commercial thrown in for good measure!). No time to cook much when you are never at home.

2011 was finally the year I decided hospitality was the way forward for me. The time I spent character building and gaining confidence was in fact a perfect lead up to working with people, in an industry that a lot of people deem as a tricky one!

I am currently working for a wonderful company, learning the ins and outs of the restaurant business and enjoying every new learning curve as Assistant Manager of a restaurant. Dining out and cooking for friends is becoming more and more of an education and a very enjoyable one at that!

 – Laura



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