What Detox…?



Nearly every year I jump on the band wagon and try out a new January detox. Not this year…oh no! For this year, I work far too close to the Electric Donuts in Notting Hill.

These delightfully soft, melt in the mouth, luxurious flavoured treats are being snatched up by locals and travellers of far & wide, on the notorious Portobello Road. The donuts can be found in the foyer of the renowned Electric Cinema and are open Wednesday through Sunday. They have a different special each day; with the Lemon & Poppyseed, Birthday Cake and Cinnamon Stack (pictured above) being just a sample of their worthy treats.

Honestly, if you are allowed to break the rules just once during the dry month of Jan, do it by devouring one of these!

(P.S. Follow the Donuts @ElectricDonuts for live updates)